For Sale Rules - All Seller Read This!

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For Sale Rules - All Seller Read This!

Postby dirtyboy » Thu Jan 31, 2008 9:36 pm

Note: Board Wide Policies and Rules also apply to the specific classified forum rules.

C1. Use of the forum and it's classified sections at your own risk, RMDRA, this forum, or it's associates are not responsible.

C2. The "For Sale"categories are for "non Dealer" members. This means that if you are selling left overs from your personal parts stash, or parting out your own bike, you are good. But once you move into the arena of selling parts for profit, you are now considered a Dealer.

C3. If you are a Dealer and would like to be able to support the RMDRA and advertise then please take a look at the RMDRA Advertisers forum. You'll be able to advertise as much as you want, totally unrestricted. You may sign up at this link. If you are interested in having your own private dealer forum here, please contact us via PM.

C4. Otherwise, refrain from commercial use of our Classifieds.

C5. If you are an RMDRA member then you have the use of the RMDRA Members Classified. This allows a lot more access to advertise more items as long the items don't fit the Dealer description.

C6. If you have shown a consistent pattern of selling items that we believe goes above the "weekend warrior" status, you'll fall into the Dealers category with respect to the selling of these items.

C7. We do not allow posting links to eBay or other auction or classified type sites. If you want to sell it here, go right ahead. But we are not here for free advertising of your auction wares. This is also why we require you to put a price in your advertisement. If your post is gone and it was linking to an auction or it didn't have a price; you may either re-post it with a price, without the link to the auction or choose to keep it out of the classifieds.

C8. Additionally, if you are parting a bike or selling multiple things, you need to keep the parts in one single ad. Making multiple ads for the forks, motor, wheels, etc will not be allowed. You must keep it all together in one central location and work just one ad. It's not fair to everyone else who finds that because of one member, their stuff end up on the second page of ads after a day.

C9. Post in the correct forum. For instance Want ads in the Bikes For Sale category will be deleted.

C10. Bumping of classified posts to keep them at the top of the list is not allowed.

C11. Any advertisement that violates these rules will be deleted without notification or the user warned about the post.

Note: Editing of classified posts in any category is not allowed due to past conflicts between buyer and seller. Use the classified forums at your own risk.

For Sale Rules - All Seller Read This!


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