2016 Early Bird Membetship Offer

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2018 RMDRA Member
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2016 Early Bird Membetship Offer

Postby boland » Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:41 pm

Any memberships purchased after September 5th 2015 will include your 2016 membership.

If you haven't joined yet and we're thinking of doing so there are still a few events to come this year. Such as the final club night hosted by Blackfoot Direct and our trail maintenance day October 3rd. You must be a member to attend club night or maintenance events to be covered under the clubs insurance.

We will be selling memberships at Red Bull Rocks and Logs next weekend as well.

If you purchase via PayPal please include your forum handle and any family members as an "instruction to merchant" or send me a note by PM or members@rockymountaindirtriders.com
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2016 Early Bird Membetship Offer


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