Maintenance and Format Changes

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Maintenance and Format Changes

Postby dirtyboy » Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:08 pm

I try to ensure that the web site is not a financial burden to the club. RMDRA has fewer banner ad sponsors this year. Sometimes it is challenging to update the banner ads on a regular basis because they are time consuming. I try to only update them a few times per year and this has caused some issues with our sponsor's expectations. Banner ads updated usually happens at the beginning of the year and after the race promotion is finalized. I'd like do it more often but volunteer time can be challenging some times. To address the banner ad situation, I am trying to more effectively monetize the web site as well as maintain and update. I just spent substantial time updating banner ads, software versions, spam / bot prevention, programing, layout and configuration of both the web site and the forum.

Currently this is the new configuration:

The web site went under the knife and had some cosmetic surgery performed and one additional ad area was added to the web site. I would like to be able to update content there more frequent and am looking into options. If writers would create new or additional information for the web site I would update it into the web pages.

The forum also had substantial updates, most of which is invisible to users. The same number of ads from the same sources still exist as have been displayed for years. (if you are logged in) However, they display in different locations and may be slightly different sizes. This is an effort to make them more effective. If you are not logged in then additional ads will be displayed.

I will continue to monitor which locations give better results and may continue to make changes based on the results and time available.

Maintenance and Format Changes


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