Letter from ESRD

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Letter from ESRD

Postby Dobi » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:30 am

Spray Lake Sawmills is planning some logging in the South Ghost area. A concerned dirt biker contacted SLS and asked them to take into consideration the old "White Ribbon Trail". Well, this trail is not a legal trail, the trail proposal was never recommended by the GSMG to ESRD to incorporate the trail into the legal trail system. Therefore, concern was raised and brought forward to ESRD that more enforcement needs to happen and more rider education needs to take place. ESRD has responded to Martin Buckley (Chair of GSMG) by way of the attached letter. There are some positive notes in here from Rob (Roger Meyers new boss) and from the first meetings with Rob, he has shown a positive concern for the need for a more effective trail system in the Ghost.

I am posting here as a reminder that this trail is currently not a legal trail, and spring riding on this or any of the trails we have cause tremendous amounts of damage so please be aware of your actions and the impact they have.
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Letter from ESRD


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