Penny Tech shroud/panel repair

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Penny Tech shroud/panel repair

Postby malcolmzilla » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:33 am

Less than a km into weekend priors ride, (well "ride" is likely being a bit generous as a description) my bike decided to take a quick nap, coming to rest very abruptly on a rock jutting out of the sidehill. Given the temperatures, the rad shroud shattered.

While I have a new set of plastics on-hand, it seems somewhat hazardous to install those until spring, or my riding improves. Spring is the timeline most probable... I've zip tied, wire stitched panels before, however this one was pretty chowdered and fragmented, even the under tank tab was broken off, and those techniques might not have effected a (lasting) repair.


So, stroking my MacGruber mullet in deep thought, I came up with the idea try cutting plastic patch panels that covered the majority of the spider cracks, and adhere them to the back of the shroud with GorillaSnot (tm) polyurethane automotive seam sealer (~$12 for a large caulk gun tube). Amsoil gallon oil container, cut to form, and then zapped with the heat gun, and pressed to some what match the contours.

A liberal dose of seam sealer to the patches, 4 required iirc, press into place, some held well with just the sealer initially, others I clamped (the angular patches), and let set up in the warmth of an electric heater in the garage overnight, then reinstalled to the bike, expecting it to pull apart, as this stuff needs a few days to fully cure, but of course I didn't remember to get to the repair until Friday night, for a Sunday ride...

I thought I had a picture of the backside patches setting up but can't find it, I will try to remember to pull the shroud off and snap one. Note the zip tie is to hold the panel together until the poly sets up, given the short timeline for repair, will remove it later.

Results: Well, it held on the bike setting up, and through Sunday's ride, even took a good hit. I am especially pleased with the repair to the 90 degree tab under the tank that broke right off. So I will attempt this repair again. No franken-stitches either, but does have seam sealer visible in the multitude of cracks.

Play a game, see if you can spot them all.
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Penny Tech shroud/panel repair


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