Penny Tech: KYB to WP spring shock collar adapter

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Penny Tech: KYB to WP spring shock collar adapter

Postby malcolmzilla » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:55 pm

Needed a 6.0 rear spring for my new to me ktm xc. Had KYB 6.0 kicking off my yammie, it was the correct free length but a bit too large of an inner diameter. Buddy informs me they do make adapter collars, but...

Of course, I’m trying to get the bike together late on a Friday night for a test ride the next day. Hmmm. MacGrubering...

As a temporary measure, I traced a collar from scrap aluminum plate that fit the WP shock and then was wide enough to capture the KYB spring outer diameter. Test fit, looked alright, so I cut a second. Assembled, rolled it into the van, had a buddy help set sag.

Quick rip the next day, post ride inspection showed the spring was still in position, under tension it hadn’t moved. The machined adapter likely has a thin lip to take up the small gap between the shock body and the spring inner diameter.

So, the temporary measure is now permanent.

Side note: 1st gen WP 4cs fork springs (465mm) will work in KYB SSS forks with a (good) 10mm spacer. But that’s a story for another post.

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Penny Tech: KYB to WP spring shock collar adapter


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