Spinalguy Newsletter January 2018

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Spinalguy Newsletter January 2018

Postby Spinalguy » Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:07 am

Happy New Year!
Resolutions made tend to fail but, if you rename it to something like, life changes, the success rate is greater. Do semantics play that much of a role?
With a New year comes fresh starts and this includes most insurance plans starting at ground zero again. For most, $500 - $1000 is available for Chiropractic services and that is an amount that can help you feel and perform better in 2018.
We have been a Workers Compensation Board (work related injuries) provider in our clinic for over a decade. We have been given approval to utilize Laser Therapy on work related injuries if necessary. Although WCB does not pay us the full amount to do Laser or Chiropractic care, we absorb the loss because the bottom line is we want people to get well and get back to work, which is a win.
Do not forget we have over 20 years experience treating animals through Chiropractic adjustments.
In this newsletter we address an approach to pain and health that mirrors our practice. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, is this the year you are proactive about all facets of your life? The two brief articles explain why we should be proactive. One thing I have learned after 21 years as a Chiropractor, it is far easier to keep someone healthy versus helping someone get healthy.
Hope to see some of you back in 2018 for tune ups and/or taking care of nagging issues that have been neglected. We also appreciate any referrals you may provide for us.
Our Hours:
Monday 8-noon and 3-7p
Tuesday 3-7p
Wednesday 8-noon and 3-7p
Thursday closed
Friday 8-noon and 3-6p
Saturdays 9-noon (phone as we are open 2 Saturdays a month)
Chiropractically yours,
Doc Tom

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Spinalguy Newsletter January 2018


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