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Spinalguy Newsletter September 2017

Postby Spinalguy » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:55 am


Hello everyone.
September and back to school has arrived.
The incredible summer continues. Sure, we are getting some smoky days here and there, but the warm sunny days have erased all memories of last years’ wet and cold summer…err…except I am positive that all of us are pining for those days versus this OHV ban. I am gaining some weight, darn it. Ha.
In this month’s newsletter, we look at backpacks and dancing…for the kids.
A reminder that Alberta Blue Cross for Seniors is back to full benefits of $25 per visit and up to $200 in total. Every Senior Albertan has this opportunity to use these funds for Chiropractic services only.

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Tuesday 3-7pm
Wednesday 8am-noon, 3-7pm
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 8am-noon, 3-6pm
Every other Saturday 9am-noon

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Every other Saturday 9am-noon in
May, September & October
Chiropractically yours,
Doc Tom
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Spinalguy Newsletter September 2017


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