See the Mighty Oilers Crush the !@#$! Godless Flames

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See the Mighty Oilers Crush the !@#$! Godless Flames

Postby JG2 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:26 am

I bought 2 excellent seats (Section 111 Row 11 Seats 7&8) for the Flames vs. Oilers Saturday, December 2nd in Calgary for a customer & I. The next week my darling wife informed me that her !@#$!% office Christmas party was that night and that attendance is mandatory.

I need to sell these and don't want to make money on them, but would prefer not to lose $ either. Price with Ticketmaster bending me over the desk was $406 each so if you are a salesperson with an expense account or just really wealthy can you please help a brother out here?

Make me a reasonable offer.

See the Mighty Oilers Crush the !@#$! Godless Flames


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