Riding Partners McLean/Waiparous Singletrack

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Riding Partners McLean/Waiparous Singletrack

Postby KTMJesus » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:59 pm

Hello All,

I am new to the forum and have been riding dirt bikes in the mountains since 1994, including some singletrack over the years, but got heavily back into singletrack during the last year. I would consider myself a physically fit male. My handle KTMJesus is actually a little used nickname as my friend thought it was funny one day how I wouldn't break through the ice on my bike yet he would. (Walk on Water)

Anyhow I ride a very well maintained late model 300 2-stroke and am looking for partners (Women & Men) to ride singletrack out at McLean or Waiparous, mostly weekends but can fill in the odd weekday ride as well. I like to be out there in the morning until late afternoon, to get a full day of riding in (approx. 6-7 hours or so). I am familiar with some of the trails but willing to learn from others as well, and to share riding tips. I will ride some of the quad trails as transitional areas between singletracks. I will basically ride all types of terrain, I ride at a medium-intermediate pace based on riding in groups at RMDRA club nights. I like to take breaks and have lunch on the trails with lots of discussions and laughs.

I'm looking for other like-minded positive attitude Women & Men of all ages with existing singletrack experience who ride anywhere between a slow to a fast intermediate pace, who are physically fit, ride very well maintained late model enduro bikes with good tires, to explore what the FLUZ has to offer and gain some friends while at it. So far my favourite trails are South Fisher Creek (Barwell) & Fallen Timber Singletrack. Not interested in racing but I am more than capable of riding quick as long as my stamina holds. I enjoy the days and challenges of an unexplored trail.


Riding Partners McLean/Waiparous Singletrack


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